Hand holding headshots of Campaign360 speakers

The C-suite tangle: Why CMOs need to speak a new language to win over critics

Four CMOs explore the evolving dynamics, essential skills, and how CMOs need to speak more CFO and CEO to be the executive pulse of the organization.

To Her Health moderator; Christine Guilfoyle; LaToya Christian; Maria Givens; Niven McCall-Mazza; Erica Taylor

Why women’s health has become a priority for brands

Check out how marketers can best reach women and discuss their health needs in a post-pandemic world.

The Paris Olympics and Paralympics mascots stand in front of the Eiffel Tower

How brands are going for gold at the Paris Olympics

How brands are maximizing ad spend at the mega sporting event, the keys to a winning marketing strategy, and the best platforms to engage young fans.

Headshot of Alex Schultz

Meta’s CMO on navigating cuts, competition and critics

Longtime executive Alex Schultz details the complexities of marketing a technology giant.

LGBTQ pride flag on an overcast, windy day.

Brands plan for a quiet Pride Month

Agencies report dwindling projects and an overall lack of communication from clients regarding Pride Month plans.

Stock art of smart phone and credit card transmitting data to each other

Will zero-party data restore consumers' trust in brand value?

Allowing individuals to willingly and conveniently share their data in exchange for better experiences can be a win-win. But as Campaign discovers, certain conditions and challenges must be met for all to benefit.

Reese Witherspoon attends as Amazon debuts Inaugural Upfront Presentation

Takeaways from the 2024 upfronts: Maintaining the status quo

Nielsen panel remains primary currency as buyers chart familiar territory.

Logos of Disney Plus, NBC Peacock, HBO Max, and Paramount Plus are seen on smart phone screens

Legacy media faces swirl of challenges as 2024 Upfronts kick off

Disney, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount will pitch their wares at the annual buying showcase as ongoing business struggles hover in the background.

Boycott signs on Zara store window

What are the top triggers for consumer boycotts across global markets?

Shunning companies whose products pose health risks stands out as the primary motivation for consumers worldwide to cancel brands.

Silhouette of Elon Musk and Tesla logo

The Tesla trial: Can brands thrive without a traditional marketing team?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reversed course from a traditional advertising push last month by scrapping a freshly formed marketing team. Can brands survive or even thrive without a marketing team?

Protests took place this week at the New School in New York City. (Photo credit: Getty Images).

How US higher education can save its reputation

Americans are quickly losing faith in colleges and universities. It’s up to schools to make the case for their future to the general public.

Smart phone displaying Microsoft Copilot logo

Why Microsoft Advertising is doubling down on AI

Following a restructure, the tech giant is aggressive in its integration of advertising with AI through Copilot and other tools.

Hands holding smartphones

How Google, Meta, Snapchat and TikTok are attempting to eclipse each other

At the 2024 NewFronts, tech platforms glided over legislative issues and focused on outshining each other with technology and performance, appealing to cost-focused media buyers.

Mark Read

WPP’s Mark Read: Why 2024 will improve after Q1, clients delaying decisions and Cannes plans

New business pipeline looks good overall, but some project work is under pressure because 'client decisions are taking longer to happen', CEO tells Campaign.

Cindy Gallop speaks during the How To Reinvent Aspirational Culture And Make a Huge Amount Of Money featured session at SXSW Sydney

Cindy Gallop: 'Hire women: They do all the work and take none of the credit’

Adland veteran Gallop gets real about 'radical simplicity', women-led industry change, why the agency model is devaluing itself, and her sex-positive venture.

Group of friends watching TV

Diverse-owned media companies flex data-driven insights to prove their worth

In a challenging year for DE&I, networks owned by and targeting marginalized groups pitched advertisers at the 2024 NewFronts on new tools and authentic connections with a growing audience.

Porsche logo

How Porsche zeroes in on smaller details to improve customer experience

The German automaker uses open text mining to enhance its customer IDs, focusing on language and personalization to elevate satisfaction to excitement.

Clip art of out of home advertising billboard

Is there a place for 'fake OOH' ads in the industry?

New technologies like Gen AI and CGI are lowering the barrier and opening the floodgates.

Collage of Amazon, Google, Meta, and Microsoft office buildings

Earnings analysis: AI costs rack up at Alphabet, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft

Big tech firms are on track to significantly increase capital expenditures this year as they invest in computing resources to power AI.

Figure of person walking through a door while a group stand at another door looking on

'Devastating': What happens when an agency loses a top client

One in five agencies participating in this year’s School Reports lost one of their biggest-spending clients in 2023 – so how did they cope?

Newspapers at a printing facility

News publishers call out stringent brand safety policies at IAB NewFronts

Publishers sounded the alarm for advertisers to support news by reviewing blunt keyword blocking during a critical time for democracy.

CGI render of person drinking Coca-Cola

Gen AI has created an 'iPhone moment': Coca-Cola's ASEAN marketing chief

Coca-Cola's Matthias Blume explains how the brand continues to grow.

Stock art of a fuzzy TikTok logo

A forced TikTok sale has agencies wary of an X repeat

Agencies fear the wrong owner could push users off the platform.

Photo of a man working from home, with his newborn baby as a company, having a video conference call

How agencies are modernizing their parental leave policies

Agencies have expanded and evolved their benefits since the early pandemic with extended time off and enhanced offerings.

The word "transparency" is written on a piece of paper

Why does such a lack of transparency still exist in adtech?

New business models and auditing practices are challenging the status quo to demonstrate value for clients.

Poster for CeraVe's The One Under the Sun showing man in doctor's coat next to a large bottle of lotion

Why brands are leaning into spoofing film genres

Leaning into entertainment storytelling catches consumer attention while giving brands more creative freedom.

Special edition Frosted Flakes Cereal bowls on display during the "Tony The Tiger" press conference

Is there a future for the brand mascot?

From Ronald McDonald to Tony the Tiger and the Michelin Man, brand mascots used to be ubiquitous and beloved. But where have they all gone?

Return to office tarot card

Agency Performance Review 2024: The making of a modern return-to-office policy

Employers and their employees butted heads over increasing and enforced return to office requirements in 2023. Here’s the current state of the debate.

Offshoring tarot card

Agency Performance Review 2024: The evolution of offshoring in advertising

Typically viewed as a cost-cutting measure for back-office roles, offshore talent is increasingly valuable for scaling client support and offering new perspectives.

Campaign US Agency Performance Review 2024 logo

Campaign US Agency Performance Review 2024

Campaign US reveals its annual evaluation of 53 leading U.S. agencies' business performance.


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