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AI is breaking the agency business model

A tool that promises efficiency and automation is counterintuitive to a time and materials business.

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Why creator economy could take over the advertising industry

There is a distinct possibility the creator economy may be out to eat agencies’ lunch.

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How Stephen King changed advertising forever

Forsman & Bodenfors' Siddhant Lahiri unpacks the impact of the famed author on the role of strategists in the industry.

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What my Gen Z kids taught me about marketing

Parenting Gen Zers has given me a deeper understanding of how to reach diverse audiences.

Q1 agency metrics: A closer look at financial patterns and APAC performance

Q1 agency metrics: A closer look at financial patterns and APAC performance

In examining Q1 earnings closely, analyst Ian Whittaker finds common denominators.

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Bumble’s crisis apology is textbook, but it may not be enough

The dating app will have to follow through on its promises to win back customers, says Next PR’s Shannon Tucker.

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Sports marketing has lost its authenticity

Brands should be embracing athletes’ real stories to make the most inspirational, impactful work.

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Media industry has changed, but upfronts remain

The annual buying confab remains a stalwart tradition on the advertising calendar despite profound evolution of the media ecosystem.

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Banning TikTok won’t save democracy

Rather than demonizing TikTok, this should serve as a moment to harness its potential for positive change, says Fenton’s Shakirah Hill Taylor.

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Advertising is still failing moms

A survey of moms across the industry uncovered the ways they continue to be underserved and undervalued at work.

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Zendaya at the 2024 Met Gala

Met Gala recap: Gen Z’s thoughts on fashion’s biggest night

The Romans New York account coordinator Tobey Parker highlights the night’s lack of influencers and rounds up brand reactions to carpet looks from Bratz to Burt’s Bees.

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Beyoncé's country pivot and lessons in fearless marketing

Take a cue or two from Beyoncé's masterclass in risky branding.

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Want to be funny on social media? Don’t appropriate culture

Allen & Gerritsen PR associate Tyler Brindamour urges brands to avoid appropriating inauthentic vernacular in their attempt to connect with audiences.

Provocative Minds

Taylor Swift fans gather outside a building where a mural featuring a large QR code was being painted to promote Swift's latest album, "The Tortured Poets Department."

What Swifties can teach CMOs about the internet

Marketers could learn a thing or two from Swifties’ understanding of the machinations of the internet and willingness to learn more for the sake of their idol.

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1.8 trillion reasons to care about Black consumers

It’s past time for brands to start learning how to reach this demographic.

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Navigating brand values in the face of skepticism

Brands that want to tap into purpose marketing must be able to prove their worth to skeptical consumers.

People and Culture

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Moving beyond tokenism this AAPI Heritage Month

Genuine cultural representation demands more than lip service.

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How Black girl magic became my superpower

Redefining the corporate dream.

Genevieve Ross, creative director, Stocksy

Generative AI won’t help LGBTQ+ representation

Authentic representation requires a human touch.


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The politics behind the US TikTok ban is not what you think

An analysis of the politics behind the TikTok ban before the U.S. presidential election and the potential impact on its competitors and relevant stakeholders.

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Want to reach women? Put your brand safety fears aside

To reach female consumers, marketers must take a hard look at what content they deem unsafe and what keywords, topics or products they avoid.

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Agencies should revisit the recent past as they embrace principal-based buying

Holding company results indicate buying media upfront and reselling it to clients is good for margins — but is it good for clients?


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What are ChatGPT, Copilot and Gemini saying about your brand?

AI and the (near) future of brand reputation management, from Axicom’s Brian Snyder.

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How to avoid shiny object syndrome

In the constant pursuit of the next newest thing, the industry often overlooks the real benefits of technology.


Google enters the MMM game: Meridian helps marketers find their own 'North Star' metrics

Open source solution will measure the holistic impact of marketing efforts across channels — letting users change the code and model parameters to suit their unique business needs.


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