Campaign US Agency Performance Review 2024

Campaign US reveals its annual evaluation of 53 leading U.S. agencies' business performance.

In 2023, agencies battled client uncertainty and shrinking budgets while transforming to adapt to the widespread possibilities and implications of generative AI. 

Organic growth slowed across agencies last year, particularly at creative and digital shops, many of which stayed flat or declined year on year. Some even dragged down their parent companies' revenue overall. 

However, many still managed to keep their creative output strong despite financial challenges, pushing the boundaries of brand work that didn’t just win industry accolades, but tapped into culture and drove business results for brands. 

Agencies leaned into new business and organic growth in 2023, balancing the grind of pitching with cultivating strong relationships with clients already on the roster — and expanding scopes from there.

Meanwhile, as the industry chased the promise and potential of AI, its focus shifted from two key themes that have remained prominent since the COVID-19 pandemic: DE&I and sustainability. 

While turnover was down as agencies settled from the turmoil of the Great Resignation, women and diverse leadership — as well as diverse talent on staff — decreased since last year across many agencies, quantifying a collective distraction from these pursuits.

See below for detailed evaluations of 53 leading U.S. agencies and networks. Plus, read about our Top Distinctions winners, agencies leading the way in five key areas; browse data visualizations on key industry trends; and read premium deep-dives on two key themes shaping the future for agencies — return to office and offshoring.

— Alison Weissbrot, editor-in-chief, Campaign US

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Creative Breakthroughs: These agencies not only achieved regional and global recognition at industry awards, but also developed work that was effective in achieving client goals — and in many cases, attracting new clients and creative talent.

Inclusive Workplace: Agencies distinguished as Inclusive Workplaces have made DE&I not just an intrinsic part of their culture, but also a key priority for the business. They have made significant progress toward goals and continue to invest in DE&I programs and initiatives, as well as evolving employee benefits, to stay on top of employees’ changing needs.  

Most Innovative: These agencies have demonstrated an outstanding ability to invest in and nurture original and scalable products and initiatives that seize on emerging tech trends. Their use of technology identifies and fulfils a need for business operations or clients. They have proven these offerings by selling them into new and existing clients and shown a commitment to continue investing in innovation.

Structurally Sound: This distinction takes into account the agency’s consistent, long-term and holistic performance over a period of time — from growth to the ability to win new business while expanding existing accounts to keeping turnover low and attracting top talent. 

Sustainability Standout: The agencies that received this distinction have set clear goals and taken action to be more sustainable, from achieving B Corp certification to setting emissions reductions targets to advising clients on their sustainability journeys.