Refund policy

What is your returns policy?

If you notice that you have received wrong or broken items, please notify us within 24 hours of receiving the goods either by telephone or email and we will arrange for a replacement or full refund. Any refunds outside of our below policy will be subject to both a 10% restocking fee (once inventory is verified on return), and 3% credit card charge where applicable. 

Bidvino offers a 7-day return policy on some products that are proven to be faulty. Any faulty wine needs to be returned to us with a minimum of ¾ of the original contents, together with the original seal (cork, screwcap, or other) within 7 days of purchase. Bidvino's staff will then assess the wine to determine whether the wine is faulty. In determining whether a wine is faulty, staff will consider whether the wine has been affected by TCA (“corked”) or is unexpectedly oxidized. Bottle variation does not constitute a wine fault. Some wines may need to be returned to the original supplier/winery for further chemical analysis and/or testing. Where Bidvino determines that a wine is faulty, Bidvino will offer a replacement where possible or a full refund. If the wine is determined to be in acceptable condition, not faulty, it will be returned to you and you will be invoiced for the processing and freight costs associated with the return. 

Many of Bidvino’s products are old or rare wines. In some cases, these wines can be past their peak drinking window and may be either unpleasant or undrinkable. Bidvino cellars wines which represent excellent condition examples of the wines in question in terms of their fill levels, labels and physical appearance. Bidvino accepts no responsibility for a wine being unpleasant or undrinkable where it is considered possible that the wine is beyond its peak drinking window.

International Customers (outside of Hong Kong): Due to freight costs, tax regimes and customs practices, it is almost impossible for us to assess whether a bottle of wine is faulty within a reasonable period of time. Accordingly, we are unable to offer refunds or replacements on wine to International Customers. Please consider this risk carefully before making your purchase.